LongBear, LLC began business in 1999 with the intent on helping artisans get on-line to market their arts.

It began in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona with a jewelry making firefighter wanting to sell her wares on the internet. Joining up with a businesss oriented fire fighter wanting to learn the web, LongBear, LLC was formed, the name being a combination of nicknames.

LongBear’s venture went operational on the internet April 2000 with a modified web mall under the name of 1Way2Shop.com.  Then name, which has at least 8 different spellings was too confusing for customers. In 2003, the web site was renamed LongBear Market.

After years of dealing with unsatisfactory web hosting companies, LongBear.com reorganized, and re-focused its mission on store design and hosting, opting for the individual (yet still linked) stores instead of the mall approach.

A tragic event lead to the end of the partnership, however, web site development continues. Over time, fire service related sites have been added (an occupational hazard), however, the goal of helping artisans has never diminished.

Welcome to LongBear.com. Please tell us your web site needs to see if we can provide you service.

modified: March 12, 2009