ShanavaS Jewelry Gems & Stones

On November 7, 2005, ShanavaS gift store became a memorial site. Kelly Christine Shanahan Mead was an enthusiastic artist, mining her own Herkimer diamonds, making her own jewelry, and crafting fine sexy leather shirts. Kelly died in an auto accident. This site is now dedicated to her memory and to promote her final works of art.

Kelly established ShanavaS Jewelry in the mid-1990’s to promote her love of jewelry making. In 1999, Kelly became co-founder and co-owner of, an on-line web site gift market designed to promote all artists wanting to expand to a world wide market. was established to promote Kelly’s own craft in conjunction with the market.

Kelly was born in New York where she mined her Herkimer Diamonds and honed her jewelry-making skills. She then moved to Colorado and New Mexico before settling on Mount Lemmon, Arizona in 1998 where she expanded her dreams, co-creating and crafting the leather shirts.

In pursuit of personal dreams, Kelly returned to Colorado – living in the mountains northwest of Livermore. Prior to the tragic end to her life, Kelly had planned on using the Colorado high rocky mountain atmosphere to inspire her return to making more jewelry and leather shirts.

Kelly’s enthusiasm, love, and care for her craft will be missed.

Kelly’s work was all one-of-a-kind. There will be no more. True one-of-a-kind work of art – made with love and care.

Kelly’s Hand Made Jewelry is now gone and the ShanavaS Jewelry Store is now closed. Kelly’s European import jewelry and some of the leather shirts still exist and will be made available sometime in the near future.

modified: March 12, 2009